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  Maps, Satellite Images & Trail Guides

Direct links to satellite images of special areas on the Roanoke (We've done the work for you!)
Check out Roanoke River Partner's platforms for rent in these areas!

Devilís Gut, aerial view, Google Maps

Shortcut loop from just downriver of NCWRC ramp in Williamston, NC to 1.5 miles upriver of Jamesville.

Cut Cypress Loop
Shortcut from Roanoke, upriver of Jamesville, NC to Broad Creek. (Jamesville is at bottom left of image; Cut Cypress follows top edge of map almost horizontally. Faint image.)

Gis Info
GIS Data Depot/NorthCarolina

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  Local Govs, Chambers & Tourism
Outfitters, Guides & Other Services
  Agencies, Organizations & Others

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Water Flow and Weather Links

NOAA's Weather Forecast for Jamesville, NC
Check current and upcoming week's weather for the Williamston/Jamesville/Plymouth area
Real time. Best and most up-to-date flood stage/water level info for the lower Roanoke River
All US Army Corp. of Engineers (USACE) info on Roanoke River from John H. Kerr Dam.
US Army Corp. of Engineers (USACE) Stage & Flow Data for Lower Roanoke at Roanoke Rapids, Scotland Neck & Williamston (Not as current at NOAA site above)
USACE forecasts for Kerr Lake and the Lower Roanoke based on expected inflow and release from Kerr Dam (not real time),00060
USGS Current Roanoke River conditions at Roanoke Rapids

Dominion Power link to Lake Gaston water info
NC Power projected flow releases from Roanoke Rapids Dam,00060
USGS Current Conditions at Halifax,00060
USGS Current Conditions at Jamesville (Conditions nearest to platforms off Devil's Gut)

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