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Updates on Upriver Uranium Mine
The largest US uranium deposit lies upriver on 200 acres of south central Virginia land.  In this weakening economy, mine owners say the uranium can be mined safely, offering jobs and much more. Environmentalists voice major concerns over radioactive contamination of land, air and water in Virginia's climate--one unlike other uranium mining areas. As water shortages force municipalities downriver to draw drinking water from river, all interests will be watching closely.

Read the latest from the environmental side at:
Southern Environmental Law Center

American Rivers

Read more from the industry side at:
Danville Register & Bee "Setting the Record Straight" by Walter Coles, Chairman of Virginia Uranium Inc.
Virginia Uranium Inc.

The public relations battle got more interesting in 2009: Virginia Uranium Company merges with Canadian
corporation Santoy Resources Ltd. A Feb. 27, 2009 release posted on the Santoy web site states "NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION TO U.S. NEWSWIRE SERVICES OR FOR DISSEMINATION IN THE UNITED STATES" and announces a Business Combination Agreement with Virginia Mining. Read the release here
Learn more and read about both sides of the issue at these links. Find your own information by searching Uranium Mining in Virginia.
Santoy Resources Ltd 2/05/2009
Virginia Uranium, Inc.
NAACP Voices Concern
Va. Beach Officials: Mine poses threat to water supply.
Washington Post Story

The Rural Blog
Southern Environmental Law Center
Time/Cnn  2/23/2009
World Nuclear Association
Nuke Notes


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